We are customer focused in all services that we provide.

Each step refers to the customer’s original specifications ensuring that the resulting end product, will meet the customer’s requirements for a system that they can be proud of for years to come.

Quality is built into each step of our process.

Each step requires reviews, approvals, and verifications that must occur before moving to the next stage of the process.


We offer a complete engineering solution including process analysis to help us understand your specific process and design a system to best fulfill your needs.  Our systems are designed to easily be integrated with automation and controls.  Our experienced engineers utilize AutoCAD software to generate system layouts and fabrication detail and assembly drawings.


Our modern 100,000 square foot plant located in Memphis, Tennessee is staffed with competent and experienced personnel, and is equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing.  Fixtures and gauges are used by our certified welders to ensure repeatability in our patented designs. Our laser cutting and CNC machining programs give a precision fit with the added benefit of reducing scrap waste. Our manufacturing process includes numerous quality checks through each phase of fabrication.


Our expertise enables us to consult our customers and provide the best possible solutions to meet their process goals.  With a clear understanding of your process goals, we will provide cost savings proposals or alternatives whenever possible.


Our project managers will take the custom engineered system design that we have provided for our customer and develop a project plan that will meet their critical schedule.  All phases of the project will be carefully planned and monitored to ensure that we stay ahead of schedule.  The customer will also be updated as well on critical milestones that are to be met.
Our Project Management Tools:

  • Project schedule in Microsoft Project
  • Updated Open Issues Matrix
  • Coordination of communication lines with AUC, customer, and subcontractors
  • Quality Checks
  • Materials Control
  • Installation
  • Debug
  • Start-up and Launch
  • Standby Support


After the installation of your system is complete, we are here to provide continued support.  We can assist your maintenance team by providing technical support and spare parts to keep your system running efficiently.