Overhead Power and Free Conveyor Installation
4" Overhead Power and Free Door Delivery Conveyor
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Allied Uniking overhead power and free conveyors provide precise, sure handling of your products with a high degree of flexibility. High-strength track and trolleys ensure dependable operation. Close tolerance design provides for positive, accurate control. Horizontal turns and vertical curves along with stops, switches and lift sections, assures the most efficient layout to match your production needs.

Systems can be provided to Interface with automatic load and unload equipment, test equipment, automatic assembly equipment, washers, paint booths, ovens, and other conveyors. Sensors can be provided to read each carrier, enabling specific products to be routed to specific destinations. Coupled with sophisticated computer controls, fully automated systems can interact with other plant computers controls.         

Overhead Free Trolley Load Capacities:

3” – 350 lbs/trolley 

4” – 1,100 lbs/trolley

6” – 3,000 lbs/trolley

Power and Free Rendering
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