Inverted power and free conveyor systems provide all advantages of overhead power and free systems, plus accessibility to the product which makes it ideal to use with automation for assembly operations or painting. No bulky carriers are required, resulting in lower costs and less· energy to move loads. Systems are clean, as no conveyor debris falls on the product.

Systems are generally floor mounted thereby eliminating costly ceiling reinforcement.

Inverted power and free conveyors can also be mounted in pits and equipped with floor covers and seals to allow traffic across aisles.

Inverted Free Trolley Load Capacities:
3” – 500 lbs/trolley
4” – 1,200 lbs/trolley
6” – 3,000 lbs/trolley

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Inverted Power and Free Delivery Line
Inverted Power and Frame Frame Build Line
Old Inverted Power & Free Conveyor
Inverted Power and Free Fascia Delivery Line
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