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[icon icon=”” position=”icon-center” title=”Power & Free Conveyors” url=”/products/power-and-free-conveyors/”]For many years “Power and Free” conveyor systems have provided manufacturers the flexibility to handle most complex production requirements…[/icon][icon icon=”” position=”icon-center” title=”Floor Type Conveyors” url=”/products/floor-type-conveyors/”]In the manufacturing of automobiles, trucks, major appliances, farm equipment & construction machinery, floor type unit handling conveyors offer a reliable and cost-effective way of handling these products.[/icon]
[icon icon=”” position=”icon-center” title=”Overhead Power & Free Conveyors” url=”/products/overhead-power-free-conveyors/”]Allied Uniking overhead power and free conveyors provide precise, sure handling of your products with a high degree of flexibility…[/icon][icon icon=”” position=”icon-center” title=”Unit Handling Devices” url=”/products/unit-handling-devices/”]We provide a multitude of lifts, transfers, loaders/unloaders, turntables and stockers designed for specific applications as stand-alone units or as part of an overall system.[/icon]
[icon icon=”” position=”icon-center” title=”Inverted Power & Free Conveyors” url=”/products/inverted-power-free-conveyors/”]Inverted power and free conveyor systems provide all advantages of overhead power and free systems, plus accessibility to the product which…[/icon][icon icon=”” position=”icon-center” title=”Allied Actuator Limit Switch Overtravel Controls” url=”/products/allied-actuator-limit-switch-overtravel-controls/”]Our Limit Switch Overtravel Control Devices are ideal for detecting part position on the line and are available in standard and heavy-duty models.[/icon]


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